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Nov. 27th, 2015


(no subject)

Had a last minute interview with THC last week, unfortunately wasn't chosen. Poo. I was not quite as prepared as I could have been (last minute and all) but I thought it had gone well and I got 20 questions to stretch to almost two hours. Next time.
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Dec. 9th, 2013


cross your fingers!

not a lot to report this year- fewer hours at work (though ed restarted his career in a whole new field where his coworkers are all fresh out of undergrad), and I had a "sure thing" state agency interview at the beginning of the year and got hella-depressed when I not only didn't get it, it went to someone with pretty much no experience. BUT! I've scored an interview at the Texas Historical Commission this week! Directly with the Deputy SHPO/head of archeology for the state! I'm not going to count my chickens this time, I'm sure there's some tough competition for the position, but it would be all archaeology, full time, good wages and benefits, plus i could ride the train to work every day. really crossing my fingers for this one!!

Sep. 5th, 2010



So, I have a smattering of cousins (first cousins and their kids) in California, mostly in the LA area. one of them is a public school teacher. It's no secret that public school funding isn't that great, and California's public everything is in dire straights. Well, there's a website, donorschoose.org, where teachers can put up wishlists. It ranges from the mundane, like colors, pencils, paper, and pencil sharpeners, to the pricey, like computer labs and language acquisition software. Anyone, anywhere can click on things to donate to schools, and in return you get pics of smiling kids using the stuff. Well, this school year, a single donor called them up and FUNDED THE ENTIRE WISHLIST. My cousin said she and all the teachers at the school she works at did, indeed, receive all the things on their wishlists :)


Jun. 23rd, 2010


Basic Spanikopita

For every Greek Grandmother, there is a different recipe, this is a basic one gleamed from averaging out several versions. I like Spanikopita (for some reason i like cooked feta dishes but dislike it rare), and it freezes nicely for quick microwave lunches.

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Key Lime Pie

Dear Ed loves Key Lime Pie, but hasn't had it since he developed lactose intolerance. He can process goat milk relatively well, however, so I made him one when I was in between sessions... This produces a TART key lime pie, so if you (like me) prefer ice box pie, use about half the lime and zest. This recipe used almost a whole bag of key limes from HEB.

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Oct. 19th, 2009


experiment successful!

woohoo! 50c/yd double drapery gather makes for *excellent* cartridge pleating :)

Oct. 17th, 2009


Elastic shirring and you...

elastic shirring by machine looks ausome.

so i tried it.

and tried it.

and, tried it.

why not working? my computerized machine has served me so well!

but after three (yes, three) sewing episodes of not getting anywhere, and the internet not helping me out, i found a site that said that drop-in computerized machines can't do it b/c they have automatic bobbin tension. Great for literally everything else i sew, but doom to elastic bobbin thread.

however, i happen to have my old machine (didn't know what to do with it, kept it as a "spare")... i oiled and cleaned it, and after a few adjustments, works like ausome!

Oooooh, so much shirring I shall do...

and now, to get back to the task at hand, rose's garb!
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Jun. 2nd, 2009


*crosses fingers* might have working spa?

So, the rent house has a built-in spa out back. when we first moved in 1.5yrs ago i toyed with it but there was some leak i couldn't find without taking all the screw-off access panels off and i got busy with work. well, i'm unemployed right now and have been doing a lot of yard maintenance (finished trimming front-yard trees and mowed all of lawn today), and decided to take all the access panels off. most were half rotten, yuk. but i was able to clean all out under it and found the last leak (all the leaks have just been loose couplings, this last one was some used a garden hose valve instead of a ball valve for the drain and it was slowly leaking; i replaced it with a trip to ace hardware!).

so i ran things for a few hours... the heater works, the jets work, the pump works. only the butt-bubbles aren't working (i can live with that). so far, no sign of a leak, and i'm leaving the panels off overnight to see if there are any leaks i'm not seeing (the concrete is mostly dry from the earlier leaks, so that's a good start).

*crosses fingers*

i'd like to have an electrician take a gander at it and make sure i didn't miss anything before i'm willing to leave it turned "on" to filter and so on full-time, but it's certainly good enough to turn on the heat and what-not a few hours before i want to get in and let it do its stuff!

(and the butt-bubbles might just be blocked by goo and that slowly work its way out).

hopefully i'll be in as productive a mood tomorrow as i was in today, and i'll double check the connections and put the panels back on (well, most of them. some might get replaced with whatever i have lying around in the garage).
if it's still not raining at that point i'll trim the tree in the backyard, finishing up my trimming and meaning i then can move on to hacking all the limbs into firewood.
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Apr. 26th, 2009

ooh shiny

Best stuff for poison ivy: a list

It's that time of year again-- the sun is shining and the urishol is flowing.
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Mar. 28th, 2009


ancient roman hair, a quick attempt

A friend of mine is having an ancient Roman inspired hand-fasting ceremony in a few weeks, and I'm making her clothes (and his) and doing her hair. I needed a little practice, so pulled out my practice head (picked it up a few years ago at Sally's for a huge discount).

more pics, and a description, after the jumpCollapse )
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